Slice of New York City Life

It’s funny to realize I’m blogging in New York City, and have yet to write anything about life here. Well that ends tonight! I admit after 6 years of New York, I’ve grown used to the frenetic energy. But that to which I can’t adapt, are the wild and crazy people I encounter. Here are some anecdotes.

I was coming home late along 7th Avenue in Park Slope and I noticed a twenty-something walking down the sidewalk laughing in a kooky way.  He was holding a foam mattress with his right arm, like a shield, and a long water toy in his left hand as a sword. He seemed to be having a blast, but with metered pauses between his outbursts. It was very strange.

Another time, I saw a shirtless young man on his hands and knees on the floor of the subway car. He was painting a white t-shirt. When he was finished, he packed his things into a square vintage leather case and carefully put on the still wet shirt he had been painting on the floor. Then he took out a bluetooth speaker and hooked it up to his cell, exiting the car. Um, myself and several other passengers were baffled. I think he was a trust fund kid.

Oh yeah, one night, there was the usual announcement on the train “Ladies and gentleman, we have train traffic ahead of us. We will be moving shortly, we apologize for any inconvenience.” That set this big guy off nearby. He began talking loudly to the train car about the delay, “Train traffic? What’s this train traffic?” Over and over, he kept repeating it. He finally went on to boast how Atlanta doesn’t have to deal with traffic. Then he said “At least I’m not afraid, like all of you!” And with that, he and his friend (I was surprised he had one) exited the train.

These two guys were at the end of the car and were trying to hang off the railings. I think one of them was actually able to do it. Then one held out a plywood board. The other karate kicked it and the board burst apart all over the train. They got off at the next stop.

Yesterday I was seated at a huge public screening in a park and this guy looking for a seat started talking at me. I say “at me” because I hardly had to reply to what he was saying and he’d launch into another topic about film. He was clearly intelligent but I’m not sure he’s a good listener. As I sat and listened, I began to notice sprinkles of rain. I looked up but there were no clouds and no air conditioners above me. What was going on? It was then that I realized: the man speaking at me was showering me with spittle! Gross!

Does this stuff happen everywhere or just in New York City?

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