Twins Galore!

Here’s the most recent comedy video I’ve directed. It’s with NYC’s comedy group Guard Llama and parodies a current Discover Card commercial featuring two twins!

Here’s the original commercial:

And here’s the parody I directed with Guard Llama:

It was interesting directing this video since I didn’t write or edit it. I actually kind of liked that, because it simplified the whole production process for me. However, I think I actually missed editing. It was hard to hand that over to someone else, since I’m so used to doing it myself. Maybe the reason I missed it is because I value it as part of the directing process… I don’t think many people realize editors are actually unofficial directors! They make so many decisions about what gets included and how the story flows. And they create subtleties in the work. So that’s basically directing!

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Posted September 10, 2014 by Gabriel in category "Humorous", "Videos