Finding a Writer’s Backpack!

Since my cool V7 backpack has been tearing for several months now, I’ve been searching for a replacement/upgrade. And it’s surprisingly difficult to find a good list of backpacks, suited for an urban writer! Here are my requirements:

  • It has to be black so it won’t pick up stains
  • It must be durable (my V7 lasted 10 months before tearing)
  • It has to have a laptop sleeve that fits a Chromebook
  • Slim enough to wear around New York City and look cool
  • Contain at least several organizational pockets for pens etc.
  • Room for a book and a notepad
  • Under $100

The following is the list I’ve compiled of backpacks matching my requirements:

And while I was searching, I came across this inspired post by Dustin Kidd, in which he discusses what he carries in his backpack. Cool!’ll let you know what I end up deciding,
– The Wandering HumoristPS No one paid me to write this post, it’s just my own research y’all!

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Posted September 12, 2014 by Gabriel in category "Gear