9-16-14 Photographer Mary Ellen Mark

After reading cross-country photographer Mike Brodie was inspired by Mary Ellen Mark, I’ve been checking out her work. I was surprised to learn she was partly responsible for the ground-breaking documentary “Streetwise”, which documented the lives of homeless children in Seattle, Washington. After shooting the kids for an article in LIFE magazine, her work inspired her husband, filmmaker Martin Bell, to shoot the film.

Released in 1985, it’s an amazingly stark film with a perfect soundtrack by Tom Waits. It’s one of the most heavy hitting documentaries I’ve seen and I recommend it.

After learning about Ms. Mark, I was shocked to stumble across an original print of hers on sale at my local Housing Works! It was marked down to $135 and featured a shirtless man at a NYC street parade.

Today, I came across her work again and saw her books look pretty interesting.

See what you think:
Mary Ellen Mark

-The Wandering Humorist

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