9-18-14 Finally, a 35mm camera!

I’m totally psyched to be gearing up to shoot 35mm film again! It seems like a lifetime ago when I was using real film to shoot photos. But, I’ve been thinking about shooting film for a long time now. Especially since the more technology is speeding up, the more it’s drawing on looks of the past (Instagram, Photoshop plugins, etc.).

Everyone seems to want that “film look”. So after buying a medium format Holga from Lomography as a wedding present, I’ve been inspired to shoot all of the amazing film stocks out there.

Looking around for a 35mm camera my studies led me to the Nikon F3 (it’s the camera Mike Brodie used). But then Ken Rockwell convinced me to order the Nikon FE instead.

I’m planning to shoot a test roll when it arrives, so I can see if I like it.

-The Wandering Humorist


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Posted September 18, 2014 by Gabriel in category "35mm Photography", "Gear", "Photography