9-26-14 Retro New Wave and 80s Revival Music

I just found out that M83, Com Truise, College and the soundtrack to 2011’s movie Drive, isn’t the only dreamy retro 80s sythpop around! There’s a whole new genre out that’s sprung up! This relatively new genre of music is called, as far as I can tell, “80s New Wave Revival” or “80s SynthPop” or “80s Revival”. I just made the realization about this musical movement whilst exploring youtube (or course!) and ended up discovering NewRetroWave. It’s a youtube channel that hosts all these “Retro New Wave” bands.

Since I love movies and music from the 80s, this genre is right up my alley! There’s a reason 80s movies are so great, and I think it’s in large part due to their inspired soundtracks. And so “Retro New Wave” bands sound like a cross between Giorgio Moroder, Tangerine Dream and Vangelis with a peppering of 80s action soundtrack thrown in for good measure.

When you listen, you’ll get dropped off right in an 80s movie dream; filled with adventure, drama, love and 80s dystopian visions of the future! So take an adventure into the audio dreamscape that is “80s New Wave Revival”:

Com Truise – Galactic Melt – Full Album

Lazerhawk ~ Redline (Full Album)

Perturbator – I Am The Night [Full Album]

Mega Drive – Rewind [Full Album]

Dynatron – Escape Velocity [HD] [Full Album]

Noir Deco – Future To Fantasy [Full Album]

Miami Nights 1984 – Turbulence [Full album]

Check out this Retro New Wave playlist on Reddit

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