10-14-14 Meeting Artist and Author Greg Ruth!

Greg Ruth & Gabriel Barbaro, shot by John Barbaro

Imagine my complete surprise when I strolled into a charming gallery nestled in the hills of Western Massachusetts and discovered… it belonged to illustrator and author Greg Ruth! I had no idea, I just thought The Lost Boy poster hung outside was evocative.

Inside, I discovered a table full of large prints, some of which were labeled “Conan”. Slowly, it began to dawn on me the tall guy talking near the door was none other than Greg Ruth! I’m a huge fan of Kurt Busiek’s Conan comic book of which Greg was an illustrator, so it was surreal meeting him; what a nice guy!

We covered a bunch of topics, including life in Brooklyn, how Kurt Busiek is a nice guy to work with and how crazy the crowds are at New York Comic Con. Greg said it once took him an hour to get 25 yards! He joked you could die standing up and your corpse would be carried throughout the convention by the crowds! That cut me up. How funny to meet him in rural MA the weekend of Comic Con. I’d purposely chosen to skip it in order to celebrate Autumn with my parents. Irony, say what?

Greg said it would be cool to swing by next year, and mentioned he’d written and illustrated a new book called “Coming Home“ published by Macmillan. The book launch will be November 9th at Odyssey Bookshop in South Hadley, MA.

Thanks again to Greg for his hospitality, and good luck with your new book man!

Oh, and it turned out that all those cool prints I had been perusing earlier? They weren’t prints… they were all ORIGINAL PENCIL DRAWINGS!!?!?!

Check out Greg’s online store for more of his cool artwork.

And thanks to my awesome Dad for taking our picture!

Autumn in Massachusetts is the best!


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