11-3-14 Subway Poetry

Gabriel writing for the blog Poems by New Yorkers
I was asked to write a poem for the cool blog Poems by New Yorkers!

By random chance, I was on my commute and a woman nearby seemed intrigued I was writing. She asked if I was in the Arts and when I said I was, she introduced herself. Madeline Schwartzman is a writer/filmmaker who runs 365 Day Subway: Poems By New Yorkers. What makes her site different, is she approaches a complete stranger whilst on her subway commute, and asks them to write a poem. The result joins an impressive array of poems from everyday New  Yorkers on


She told me that her project has made it easier to initiate conversations with strangers and that it’s been covered by PBS, The Wall Street Journal and Today show!

Needless to say, I took her up on her invitation and… my poem was just posted!

Check it out here:
The Subway Never Sleeps: Gabriel B.

You’re awesome Madeline, thanks so much for including me on your radical blog!



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