11-7-14 I photographed the cast of The Tempest at La Mama theatre

When American Friends of British American Drama Academy (AFBADA) holds a fundraising event, I always try to shoot it. When it’s a performance, it’s fantastic to see the show and then shoot the actors and actresses after the show!

I had just such an opportunity last week, when I shot the cast of The Tempest at La Mama theatre while they did a Q&A. AFBADA had organized the talkback and there was a good turnout, not only in the audience, but most of the cast decided to join in, which was a great surprise!

During the peformance, I enjoyed watching Reg E. Cathey (Prospero), Slate Holmgren (Caliban) and Sorab Wadia (Sebastian) perform. Cathey made his speeches seem like everyday language (a sign of a great actor), Holmgren was fantastically nasty as Caliban, and Sorab was funny as the scheming prince. And Liz Wisan (Trinculo) and Tony Torn (Stephano) made us laugh a lot.

After the show, I was surprised to learn that the majority of the cast had attended Yale School of Drama and at least several had appeared in The Wire (which I’ve heard I must watch). I also learned actor Tony Torn was Rip Torn and Geraldine Page’s son!?!! However, I was very glad I read their biographies AFTER I photographed. I’ve learned that ignorance can be your friend when you’re shooting well known folks (ironically).

Here’s a slideshow of my photos:

GEAR: I used my Canon 5D Mark II to shoot with Nikon lenses and Lightroom 5 to process.

The Tempest at La Mama theatre with AFBADA
La Mama, 66 East 4th Street - Mezzanine Level 1,New York, New York,New York City
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