11-17-14 Taboo: A New Yorker Visits Times Square…and Has Fun!

A man is dressed as a Marijuana Leaf in Time Square
We’re in agreement! This man was kind enough to pose for me.

New Yorkers tend to stay away from Times Square; we all pretty much agree it’s out-of-control and swarming with tourists. And that makes it UNCOOL. But last week, I decided to walk through on my way to the Big Data concert. Soon, I was shooting away… and then I saw it: a gigantic axe sticking out of a New York taxi cab!

 photo IMG_6084_zps78d5f9dd.jpg

It was awesome (a clever set up to advertise World of Warcraft). By the way, if you’re curious to learn some of the health benefits of video games, please head on over to my partner website Positive Health Wellness for a look at their post 12 Surprising Health Benefits of Video Games.

I soon began to realize Times Square is actually really fun, because it’s the perfect place and practice photography! Most everyone is on vacation, everyone is taking pictures of everything, and so nobody cares if you take their picture. It’s the perfect cover. Plus, it’s a human zoo. People are vying for attention, so wild scenes abound!

 photo IMG_6120-Exposure_FujiProvia100F-StrongVignette_zps8291b83f.jpg

I’m going back!

Gear I used to take the photos above:

Canon 5D MarkII
Tamron 10-20mm APS Canon EF mount
Nikon 35mm f2.8 AIS
Fotodiox Nikon AI and AIS to EOS mount adapter
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5
Alien Skin Exposure 5



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