11-24-14 Why I returned my Nikon FE 35mm Camera


Nikon FE 35mm Film Camera Test Photo
Test Photo of Gabriel at the Brooklyn Museum shot with Nikon FE 35mm Film Camera.

The last time I wrote about the Nikon FE 35mm film camera, I said I’d blog about why I decided to return it.


It was disappointing, because I really liked the idea of shooting on real 35mm film and had researched this particular model on Ken Rockwell’s excellent camera website. However, I had a hard time focusing the shots and they came out too soft for my liking. I know some of that had to do with getting used to the camera. But I felt like I needed a camera that gave me better clarity of image. And perhaps I really needed to try the Nikon F3.

That said, I was happy with the way the FE worked and the internal light meter easy to use.

I just realized after my second trip to the local photo developer that the photos I was getting back, didn’t justify the effort or compare to my Canon 5D MarkII. And it wasn’t mobile enough to carry everywhere. So I decided it would be better to keep looking for a film camera that really delivers on the clarity for which I’m looking.

Here are some test shots from my Nikon FE before I ended up returning it:







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