12-8-14 Find Inspiring Art All Around You!

Found_Acrylic Painting of A Woman
This acrylic painting showed up one day in my building stairwell.

This past weekend I was thrift store shopping with my uncle and my seven year old cousin at Boomerangs Thift Store in Jamaica Plain and found the following book:

Found: The Best Lost Tossed, and Forgotten Items from Around the Word by Davy Rothbart

It’s an awesome book (I highly recommend it) containing notes, photos and objects people found around the world. Sometimes poignant, sometimes sad and often really funny!

Davy, the author, has been collecting found objects for a long time and also runs Found Magazine. This got me thinking about all the things I’ve found on the street, and in particular, all the Artwork!

Here are some photos of Art I’ve found on the street, including a wonderful Matisse Cut-Out:



Ecstasy in Blue #found #foundobject #Bklyn #NYC #bushwick #woman #wood #ecstasy #sidewalk #blue

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So what I’ve learned from this book and the stuff I’ve found on the street is that Art is all around us. It doesn’t have to hang on a museum wall or in gallery to inspire us! Sometimes you can find the most amazing Art right on the street.

Have you found anything cool on the street?

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