1-30-15 TentSquare was nominated for a 2015 Edison Award!

TentSquare Nominated For A 2015 Edison Award
TentSquare Nominated For A 2015 Edison Award

I just found out my friend Andrew van den Houten’s innovative new website TentSquare was nominated for a 2015 Edison Award! From what I understand, TentSquare is a new social media site for film creatives (writers, actors, producers and musicians) and produces its own films. One interesting aspect: it holds competitions for jobs within these film projects. For example, during the casting phase of a TentSquare film, the community votes on who will play the lead actors.

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1-23-15 I Marched in the 4 Mile March NYC Against Police Brutality on The Martin Luther King Day 2015

4 MILE MARCH_MLK_1-19-15-14
The 4 Mile March NYC on Martin Luther King’s Day 2015

Angered by Eric Garner’s wrongful death at the hands of rogue NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo, I headed to a march against police brutality on Martin Luther King Day. We made it to Union Square around 2:30pm where several people were speaking before there was a four minute “Die In”. We all lay down on the sidewalk and someone nearby sang what sounded like an old spiritual, while people repeated “I can’t breathe” and others counted off up to 11 only to start again at 1. I joined in, saying “I can’t breathe” over and over. And that’s when I truly realized how many times Eric Garner said he couldn’t breathe. And Office Pantaleo didn’t listen to him. What a disgrace.

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1-18-15 David M. Anderson’s Adventure aboard the USS Enterprise!

Boxing match, taken by David M. Anderson aboard the USS Enterprise circa 1978.
Taken by David M. Anderson aboard the USS Enterprise circa 1978.

Happy Martin Luther King’s Day!

I’m very excited about a collection of 35mm slides I just won on eBay. They were taken by a sailor named David M. Anderson who served aboard the USS Enterprise in 1978. For those unfamiliar with the first nuclear powered aircraft carrier, check out the USS Enterprise Wiki.

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1-15-15 My “new” Panaview OPTI-Wide Panoramic Lens 35mm Camera

Prospect Park shot with the PanaView Opti-Wide Panoramic 35mm Camera
Prospect Park shot with the PanaView OPTI-Wide Panoramic 35mm Camera

The Panaview OPTI-Wide 35mm Camera

About a month ago, my girlfriend and I visited Brooklyn’s BuildItGreenNYC where I bought this Panaview OPTI-Wide 35mm film camera for $1, really hoping it would work. Bright yellow, all plastic and fully mechanical (no batteries needed!), this camera definitely snagged my attention. I thought about how my Dad shot panoramic photos of the Grand Canyon when my family visited back in the summer of 1995. Radical! Now I just had to shoot a test roll and see if it worked…

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