1-9-15 I Found This Funny Photo in a Book at S.W. Welch Books in Montreal

I found this photo of a man in a junkyard at S.W. Welch Books in Montreal
I found this photo in a book at S.W. Welch Books in Montreal.

How I Found It

You may remember my post about Found Art, and since then I’ve been on the lookout for found items.

So when I visited S.W. Welch Books in Montreal, and suddenly discovered the above photo as I was flipping through a book of funny comics, I was elated! I spoke with the nice woman at the counter about it and she said she knew about Found Magazine and actually had a whole collection of found items they came across in their bookstore. I bet it must be a great collection. And then, very generously, she let me have the print! So I definitely recommend going there if you take a trip up to Montreal!

What’s The Story?

As for the funny photo, at first I thought this was a guy just being funny in a dump. Then I thought it might be a still from a movie I didn’t know about. But, upon closer examination, the fellow’s sneakers are muddy, the way they never seem to be in movies. I wonder what the story behind this photo was? Well, no matter what it was, he’s being pretty silly, which is awesome.

I also it’s cool it was probably shot on 35mm film. Since it looks like this may have been in the 80s or early 90s this print was probably developed and printed, the old fashioned way! Cool.

I hope each and every one of you goes out and finds something cool out there! I know I’ll keep looking around…


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