2-5-15 How I’m Conceptualizing a New Comedy Web Series

I’m happy to say that the operation was successful, so I’m once again turning my attention to the new web series I’m conceptualizing.

My Steps to Thinking up a New Comedy Web Series (It Takes Work)!

It’s funny how much brainstorming it takes to write something. Here’s the general way I’m approaching it:

  • Brainstorm a name for the Show and get feedback from people close to you
  • Search Google and YouTube for any similar ideas – try different phrases or words you learn while searching
  • Begin writing down ideas for anything related to the project – characters, costumes, set and episode ideas
  • Create a list of ideas for episodes and see if they can form into a general story (I still need to do this step)
  • Write a plot outline (Still need to do this)
  • Write the script and begin buying set pieces and props (Almost there)
  • Contact actors and get them involved (Still need to do this)

Well, that’s the basic gist of what I’m doing right now. I’d like to get started writing it in the next several weeks.

By the way, I’m finding Evernote very helpful in collecting all my research in one place. I use a free account and just copy and paste any links to related videos/articles into Evernote.

Happy writing!

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Posted February 6, 2015 by Gabriel in category "Inspiring