2-12-15 Joe Perry’s New Memoir Looks Cool

Joe Perry's Memoir
Joe Perry’s Memoir

As a fan of Aerosmith (specifically their work up to and including PUMP) I was psyched to discover an article named “Aerosmith: The Early Days” by guitarist Joe Perry in Boston magazine’s October 2014 issue. I finished reading it this morning on the subway and hoped there was more. And it turns out there is. The article was an excerpt from Perry’s latest memoir, published in October (2014) by Simon & Schuster.

What I Like About the Book Excerpt

I found Perry’s and contributor David Ritz’s writing cool and entertaining. It carries an air of truth since he brings up details about the people which are not always complimentary. And he swears and talks about his drug use. It seems like he’s not hiding from the facts. So that’s why I feel like it may be close to the truth.

I also like how he talks about the different personalities of the people who helped Aerosmith when they were just about to get signed. In specific, their first manager, Bostonian music promoter Frank Connelly. The way Perry writes his dialogue, you can just imagine this magnanimous showman (he booked the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix!). It’s clear Perry really cared about him. He sounds totally awesome, and spoke “like a poet”. I wish I could meet the guy!

I also liked details like Perry being a little disappointed when Aerosmith was signed to Columbia and not Atlantic records and when he passed on a Rolling Stones concert because he preferred to see Fleetwood Mac. Details like this make his account more realistic than what I’d imagine.

I should mention that I’ve seen Aerosmith in concert twice!

I might check this book out.





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