2-27-15 Looking Into the Future!

Thank God February is almost over! I’ve had enough! Okay, here’s an exciting topic:

The Future Is Now!

I’ve been doing research for a writing project and come across some cool futuristic stuff. Check it out!

New Domain Name Extensions!

New domain name extensions are being offered for purchase; like “.actor” and “.photography”. In fact, I bought several “.press” names just yesterday from GoDaddy. Searching through the available names felt like I was a part of a new cyber gold rush! I imagine it’s like back when people could buy single word domain names like “cheesy.com”. With the introduction of these new domain name extensions, I have the feeling that web users will start looking to them for a source’s credibility. Like “NyTimes.press” which had already been purchased, presumably by the forward-thinking New York Times!

End-of-the-World Condos!

Get this! A self-sufficient high-rise built inside an old Atlas missile silo. Holy crud, I had no idea!

Little Boots’ LED Dress!

Little Boots wore this amazing LED dress for one of her concerts. My words can’t do it justice.

I could totally see light emitting clothing taking off in the future! Here’s an example of fiber-optic clothing:

The Government Can Tap to Our Cells!

I had a feeling this was happening:

BBC News: “US and UK accused of hacking Sim card firm to steal codes”


I found this cool article on HongKiat.com about 10 Future Technologies.

Always Interested

I’m always on the look-out when it comes to futuristic technology or news! If you hear of any, please let me know!


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