3-9-14 Name Change: thank you “The Wandering Humorist”, Hello “Gabriel.Press”!

Dear Readers!

I hope all of you had a great weekend! In New York City, we just celebrated Daylight’s Savings Time, which, is a BIG sign Spring is on her way!

As I look back on this first year of working on this blog, I remember first coming up with the name “The Wandering Humorist”. I really liked the name, but what I’ve realized as I’ve continued writing this blog, is that I’m ready for a name change which represents more of what I’m doing. As well as recognizing the internet’s upcoming domain name sea – change. Here’s the new name:


“Gabriel.Press” stamps my first name on my blog, but it’s also way easier for strangers to remember it! “TheWanderingHumorist.com” was well liked, but most people had trouble remembering it. So this name change should make things a lot easier.

Thanks so much for rolling with this name change and for continuing to support my blog! We now have over 500 subscribers and I want to let you know your readership makes a big difference to both my ability to keep this blog going and to my growth as a writer, photographer and director – thank you so much!


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Posted March 8, 2015 by Gabriel in category "Inspiring