3-12-15 The Mindscape of Alan Moore – Alan Moore Speaks!

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While I’ve read some of Alan Moore’s classic comic book work (i.e. Swamp Thing and Watchmen), I’ve never heard him speak. But recently I thought, ‘what the heck, he may be interesting?’ and I watched “The Mindscape of Alan Moore”. I came away inspired!

<h3>Alan Moore Speaks</h3>

It was fascinating to hear Mr. Moore speak about his childhood and how he got into writing comic books in the first place. He’s a success story, but the way he tells it all is cool. He speaks carefully. And of course, he’s a master storyteller! Later, he discusses what it’s like to be a writer and an artist, his thoughts on celebrity, and how our modern society works.

I was surprised to realize I was in agreement with a lot of what he said. He mentioned topics I’ve thought over myself. For instance, how our society is set to run in a commercial/material way, even though it doesn’t have to be! He also talked about being an artist. He basically said, “An artist doesn’t have to give the audience what it wants. An artist’s job is to give the audience what it needs, even if that isn’t comfortable.” I really liked that.

His thought on fame were also observant. When he became a celebrity author he decided to move back to his hometown of Northampton, England to avoid the craziness. It was refreshing to hear intelligent thinking on the subject of fame, straight from the horse’s mouth (apparently, the entertainment industry burns celebrities out).

He covered other intriguing subjects too, but I’ll leave those for you to hear for yourself…

Rock on Alan Moore!

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