4-23-15 My First “Photomontage” or Digital Art piece!

I photographed "One World Trade" from Penthouse of the Standard East Village Hotel on 3-16-15. I then experimented with it in Photoshop.
One World Trade Center, NYC.

Hey guys and gals!

The last few days have been very exciting for me as my google ranking has been really wild! That said, I’ve decided I’m going to start posting some images I’ve been experimenting with (along with continuing to cover live and new music).

PhotoMontage or DigitalArt

I’m not sure of exact terms are, but I’ve looked around and combining two or more photos in photoshop is called “photomontage” or “digitalart”. If I find any other words, I’ll use those.

Experimenting with your photos is fun. I really encourage you to try it!

Hope you like my first example (above).

More to come, rock on!

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