4-28-15 DigiPower Camera “Stabilizer” is Not Worth Your Money!

The DigiPower Camera Stabilizer from Best Buy is not good.
The DigiPower Camera Stabilizer from Best Buy is not good.

Hey y’all! Hope your respective weeks are off to a great start!

I just shot a music performance at Moscow 57 with my GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition and needed a stabilizer for it. So I bought the DigiPower Camera Stabilizer from Best Buy… it worked… but not when I was moving! What a contradiction in terms: a “stabilizer” that doesn’t keep your camera steady when you move!

The DigiPower Camera “Stabilizer” is not worth your Money!

It’s great for just standing still, but again I say, that’s not what a camera stabilizer is for! It’s for walking or running with a camera. The problem seemed to be in the balljoint right at the top of the handle, which could not be locked. Therefore, whenever I changed direction, the camera would swing back and forth on that balljoint before it stabilized. Unbelievable! This unit goes for $65. Needless to say, I returned it yesterday with no questions asked at Best Buy.

Don’t buy the DigiPower Camera “Stabilizer” !

The search continues for a good GoPro stabilizer that’s affordable!

Rock on!

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Posted April 28, 2015 by Gabriel in category "Gear