4-29-14 Looking around at Super 8 Film Cameras!

The idea of shooting more super 8 film has recently sprung into mind and so I’ve found myself checking these old cameras out online. There seem to be three genres of super 8 or 8mm cameras:

  1. Most Expensive – Refurbished units that have been “crystal synched”, meaning they are frame accurate and as such can be paired with separately recorded audio. This is definitely the kind I’d like to shoot on, but they’re the most expensive cameras out there.
  2. Expensive – These are the cameras everyone knows which are well made and functional.
  3. Cheapest – used, basic model 8mm cameras. These include cameras which don’t take the standard film cartridge. Instead, you have to wind film into them! That’s the way people used to do it but I imagine it’s really annoying to deal with while shooting.

So, of course I’d like to get a camera from the first category, but this isn’t in my budget right now. I guess I’ll check out one of the lesser known manufacturers to see if I can snag a deal. And luckily, I have a super 8 camera from my parents I can use.

Here are several super 8 venders for further reference:
Spectra Film and Video

Shoot on!


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Posted April 29, 2015 by Gabriel in category "Film", "Gear