4-29-15 Soul Boys of The Western World Screening at IFC with Spandau Ballet!

Thanks to BBGUN Press, I had the pleasure of attending the screening of the new documentary Soul Boys of The Western World Screening last night at the IFC Center. It follows the life of the band Spandau Ballet – one of the first new romantic/new wave bands of the 1980s.


My Review of the Film

I thought it was good overall, although at times, I found it hard to identify who was narrating or shown onscreen. That said, this movie did a great job setting the atmosphere in London leading up to the late seventies and early eighties when new romanticism and new wave were created. It did this by using a surprising amount of historic footage – I was impressed. So, if you’re interested in music history, I think you’ll find at least the first half of this movie really interesting. I liked it overall, but found the ending sequence a little anti-climatic, except for the fact that Spandau Ballet actually walked into the theater at the end of the screening!

My question to Spandau Ballet during the Q&A

It was surreal to see the band walk in after just having watched them onscreen. Pretty cool. Then, I got the chance to ask them a question (the band members answered me directly, so I’ll try to relate what their responses were, as it was a bit distracting):
Me: “How was performing at Live Aid different from all your other shows? Emotionally… I know you played so many other venues?”
Spandau Ballet: Tom Hadley answered me first, speaking about how the event was held for charity and that made it different. Steve also talked about that and how important it was. Then drummer John Keeble said, amazed, “Queen was on the bill. QUEEN!” Gary Kemp said that Live Aid was the first time people realized they could actually help out and make a difference.

I’m psyched to add that I made them laugh when I told them I had watched their Live Aid performance on Youtube.  Gary Kemp answered it probably took place before I was born! It was nice to see the guys had a good sense of humor.

Near the end of the the Q&A,  an Italian woman got up and presented Tom Hadley with a beautiful scarf. She put it on him and the guys thanked her in Italian. I wish them good luck with their documentary and new album of greatest hits!

Here are some photos I snagged from my seat – there was a lot of press there tonight!

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