5-4-15 Color Photo Experiment and an 80’s book on Color Photography!

Guy at Pizzaria Photo Experiment
Guy at Pizzaria Photo Experiment

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Exciting things have been going on for me in New York City, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, I wanted to share the photo above with you. It’s an experiment I did in Photoshop CS6, combining a texture with a street photo I snapped with my cell!

”The Art of Color Photography”

I also found “The Art of Color Photography” (1983) by John Hedgecoe at the League of Women Voters annual book sale in Amherst Massachusetts. It seems like a great book to learn more about photography.

Honestly, I did have trouble comprehending the extremely technical first chapter (it’s clear that Mr. Hedgecoe is a smart guy). But it is such a thorough book that covers everything: from concepts to equipment to darkroom practices to film stock. I guess I’m mostly psyched to see his cool photography (there are 860 photos in the book) and it was all created when film was king (and there was nary a pixel in sight). As such, it’s a nice way to get an idea of the analog tech I can use to shoot.

For instance, he suggests different ways to alter a photo using special processing, filters and tricks. Pretty cool.

Definitely flip-worthy if you come across it at a used book store or want it for your library.

Wow, it looks like he’s written tons of photography books, he’s clearly super accomplished! Here’s his Amazon author’s page:
John Hedgecoe

Shoot on!

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