5-5-15 Another Photo Experiment and Researching 35mm Film Stock!

The Crystler building shot on 35mm film combined with a wetplate scan.
The Crystler Building shot on 35mm film combined with a “wetplate” scan.

Hey y’all!

I’m taking a look around to see what sorts of film are out these days for 35mm and there are surpringly few!

List of Examples of different types of 35mm Film

I’ve wanted to find a list of all the looks from different 35mm film out there and luckily, Curating Cuteness, put together a great one:

Here’s another awesome resource for shooting film:

And another list of film stock examples from Popular Photography:

Here’s a guy who’s done an amazing job shooting analog, check out all the film cameras he’s sampled:

I think photos and films shot on actual film are beautiful (even when compared with digital effects). There will always will be something magical about REAL film!


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