5-10-15 Producing a Short Film or Video Takes Patience!

Here’s a new track from electronic band Stranger Cat with my thoughts on producing:

Although I’ve been writing a lot about my photography, I’ve been working behind the scenes on my next directing project.

Shooting a Short Film / Video Takes Patience

In my experience, getting a project together to direct takes time. Lots of organizing has to take place before I’m actually directing and shooting a project. I guess that’s part of being an independent director! I’ll try to blog a bit more about the actual process of directing soon.

My Next Short Will Likely be a “Promo”

I’m looking to shoot a short 2-3 minute promotional piece next. I’m thinking of it basically like a mini-documentary to educate the viewer about a cool event, person or activity to check out. Of course, I want it to be as artsy as possible too, so that it’s interesting. I’ve already started thinking about two such ideas. We’ll see what happens.

Directing / Editing / Shooting Creates a lot of Footage!

Because I’ve generated quite a bit of video in the last year, I have at least three videos in “post-production” right now that I have to edit. I’m working my way through them, but as paid jobs take priority, there continues to be video in my queue! I’ll get them done though!

Shoot on!

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Posted May 11, 2015 by Gabriel in category "Directing Film and Video