5-14-15 I just ordered a Nikon F3HP Camera Body!

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Photo Credit: James P Fisher III on WikiMedia

Hey Readers!

I’m totally riding the analog 35mm film wave! Since I’m arranging to shoot real 35mm film soon (Kodak film), I decided it was time to get a real, professional 35mm camera! Some of you may remember I ordered a Nikon FE last year to test. I had to return it when I realized I needed something better: the Nikon F3HP. This week, I spent additional hours of research online to make sure it was the best bet (and most affordable option), and finally decided it was time to buy. That way, I can use the F3HP body with my old school Nikon AI and AIS lenses!

The Nikon F3HP 35mm Camera

One thing I noticed immediately, was the professional image quality from this camera. And when I say professional, I mean this camera was actually used by professional photographers starting in 1980 (according to Nikon Maven Ken Rockwell)! One of my favorite photographers Mike Brodie, used it for his incredible photos; that’s how I first learned about it. And when you do a search on Flickr.com you can see the images are so sharp. Ken Rockwell also has a whole write up on the Nikon F3HP. I also  found an entry about it on Camerapedia.

I’ll let you know how it goes, looking forward to shooting a test roll!

Rock on!



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