5-18-15 Cheapest Photo Processing in New York City?

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I hope you all had a great weekend! New York City has become humid and sticky. Arg!

Over the weekend, I went to get a roll of 35mm film processed, which I shot with my Panaview Opti-Wide panoramic camera. And my local film shop wasn’t there anymore! I began to freak out. Luckily, I saw a little sign with their new location. It was then that I began to appreciate that they’re probably the cheapest place to process 35mm in all of New York City! I walked right over and there they were. Thank the Lord!

The Cheapest Film Processing in NYC? Accurate Photo Shop, Inc.

They processed my 24 shot color 35mm roll for $5.44 (just the negatives, I’ll scan them myself)! They even offered to do it in 15 minutes! I haven’t seen anything cheaper/faster in this sticky city, have you?

I found out they had moved two months prior, so I told them I’d post about them; I’d like to support their business. Incredibly, they also won’t charge for any images that don’t come out. I don’t know anywhere that does that!!

Check them out if you get the chance. Here’s the information straight off their business card (keep in mind they’re behind a pharmacy – see my photo below):

Accurate photo Shop, Inc.
639 5th Avenue (between 5 & 6 Avenue on 18th Street)
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 832-8899
accuratephotoshop [@] yahoo.com

Accurate Photo - Cheapest Film Processing in NYC? photo IMG_0159_zpszzmtdmq3.jpg

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