5-25-15 Happy Memorial Day!

Hi Everyone,

Happy Memorial Day!

Today, I’m giving thanks to all the US soldiers, past and present, who served so that we can live our amazingly protected lives (for perspective please check out what’s going on right now in Syria and Nigeria). I think it’s important to show our thanks to the military. Although I believe our country spends way too much on the military, it’s the only thing standing between us and the crazy fanatics destroying whatever they can get their hands on. We are very lucky indeed.

Thanks to my Grandfather, Great Uncle and my Cousin for their military service.

I’m proud that my family has been a part of US Military history! My Grandfather Sam was a medic during World War II. Awesomely, while deployed, he took photographs and I’ll try to post several when I can get my hands on some. My Great Uncle Tony was stationed at Pearl Harbor when Japan attacked. I often think about what it was like for him to survive that. Most recently, my awesome cousin Woody served as a military policeman in the US Airforce.

I really admire the courage and strength of character it takes to serve. So on this Memorial Day, I’d like to say thank you to my family members and all the men and women who worked and are working to protect the United States of America. Thank you!


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