5-29-15 Kodak Film, Film, Film!

Taken in Scotland using Kodak’s Tri-X 35mm Film. Scanned from a print.

Happy Friday!

There’s been a lot of exciting stuff going on for me this past week!

I’m super excited to say that I just received some great film from Kodak for my next photo shoot!

I’ll also be shooting two 35mm test rolls with my new used Nikon F3HP and I will also be testing a new used Polaroid Colorpack II instant camera this weekend! And I’ve also been researching… Zines (more on that later).

Kodak Film! Thank you Kodak!

I’m out-of-control psyched about receiving film from Kodak. I am very excited about their support of my next photo shoot! They’ve provided me with some great stock – I love Tri-X and I’m excited to try shooting with Portra too. I took the photograph above on Kodak Tri-X film. I’m also looking forward to using their professional Portra film for the first time. They also sent some Tri-X 8mm film! Shooting with it will be my latest directing effort. For reference on how Kodak’s Tri-X black and white 8mm film looks, here’s a music video that I directed/shot with it.

Testing my Polaroid Colorpack II Instant Camera

I’ve learned that the Polaroid Colorpack II is the cheapest way to shoot instant film. It’s also got a glass lens and you don’t have to use the Impossible Project‘s expensive polaroid compatible film. Check out this excellent video tutorial on the Polaroid Colorpack by photographer Robert Nunn:

Happy shooting this weekend! See ya all on Monday morning!


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