6-8-15 Polaroid Colorpack II and FujiFilm FP 100-C Test Results

Test of the Polaroid Colorpack II in Central Park using FujiFilm FP 1000-C Instant color film
Scanned Test photo with the Polaroid Colorpack II in Central Park using FujiFilm FP 100-C Instant color film

Hey Readers!

Today’s my birthday, which usually requires a full day off, but I thought I’d write about my recent test shoot using my new used Polaroid Colorpack II!

Using the Polaroid Colorpack II Instant Camera

Although pretty cheap on Ebay, the Polaroid Colorpack II instant camera supposedly has a good chance of having a glass lens. I found it pretty easy to use, once I read the manual online and got used to how I had to pull the pack film out of the camera, once it was exposed. I’d say I felt comfortable with the entire process by the 8th photo I took. Which happened to be the photo above!

Just remember to place the batteries inside the camera before you load in the film. I forgot and ended up with three entirely black instant photos before I realized I needed to put in batteries!

Using FujiFilm FP 100-C Intant Color Film

One thing to be careful for when using this film is that once you peel off the negative from the instant print: it’ll be sticky for about 10 minutes before it dries. During that time, dust and all sorts of stuff can get stuck to the surface of the print, which can be really annoying. So be aware of that!

Also, keep the black part you peel away because it has a negative you can recover in there:

Here are the rest of my scanned test photos from my test shoot in central park!


Shoot on!


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