6-12-15 My New Used Nikon F3HP Rocks!

My girlfriend's cat Mochi sat for a test portrait!
My girlfriend’s cat Mochi sat for a test portrait on my new used Nikon F3HP

I tested my new used Nikon F3HP 35mm film camera and it blew me away!

My girlfriend’s cats kindly allowed me to photograph them so I could test the camera. Thank you Mochi and Banana!

Using the Nikon F3HP Camera

I’m very excited to say that my new used F3HP passed the test roll with flying colors. It’s a dream come true. It takes better photos than any 35mm film camera I’ve ever shot with. It’s totally pro! Check out these test photos (scanned negatives above and below). I’m so excited to see how incredibly sharp the focus is. It’s basically exactly what I was hoping for. A 35mm camera that can take awesome portraits!

The Viewfinder is Incredible

The HP version of the F3 is fantastic for people who wear glasses, or just want a bright, huge viewer finder. The HP stands for “High Eyepoint”. When I look through it I feel like I’m right up in the scene I’m shooting. It’s so fantastic!

I’m going to be shooting a lot with this camera so stay tuned for more negative scans of the Nikon F3HP!!

Here is another test shot I took:

Nikon F3HP Test Image of my girlfriend's cat Banana!
Banana helped me test out my new used Nikon F3HP – thank you!

Shoot on!

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