6-15-15 I’m Obsessed with Zines!

Roadside Zine By Sarah Oleksyk Issue 5 I bought at PS Books in Dumbo Brooklyn
Roadside zine by Sarah Oleksyk – I bought at PS Books in Dumbo Brooklyn

Hey people!

I recently became extremely interested in creating my own zine, after reading a zine making tutorial in Rookie Yearbook One. I scored the awesome zine above by artist Sarah Oleksyk at PS Bookstore in DUMBO on my birthday recently. If you come across any copies of Roadside out there, snatch them up, they’re awesome!

What Is A Zine?

A zine is defined as follows on wikipedia:

A popular definition includes that circulation must be 1,000 or fewer, although in practice the majority are produced in editions of fewer than 100, and profit is not the primary intent of publication. They are informed by anarchopunk and DIYethos.

Zines were huge before the internet and social media made crazy easy to share one’s thoughts. It was always a rebellious phenomenon because zine publishing breaks free of any rules or big company business structures. People just DIY publish them.

For that reason, I think it’s a fantastic format to get one’s Art out into the physical world, FAST! All you need is access to a photocopier. The rest of how you make the thing is up to you.

Zine Resources

Papercut Zine Library in Allston, Massachusetts
ABC No Rio Zine Library, NYC
Zines at The New York Public Library, NYC

Making My First Zine

After collecting a handful of zines through the last several years, and then learning how to actually make one, I decided it was time to break out and make my own. I began experimenting and it feels so great to get away from the ubiquitous computer screen and use my hands!

I’m excited to say, I’m close to finishing my first ever issue! All I need to do now is fit the text into it. When ready, it’ll feature cool NYC street photos and my thoughts on creativity.


When it’s done, I’m planning to do a giveaway, so stay tuned!

Keep creating!


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