7-3-15 Casual Fridays: Yelling in Yoga!

I hope you had a great week! Today is my first installment of “Casual Fridays”, a series of Fridays in which I will attempt to write humorous posts! I’m writing as I listen to Brazilian Disco in Midtown, New York City, thinking way back to Wednesday night…

Mysterious Groans in Yoga

Yoga’s good for everyone, particularly me. But actually getting to class is another story. In fact, getting to the gym (or any form of exercise for that matter) is as difficult as enrolling in sketch writing at Upright Citizen Brigade. Thank God for my girlfriend.

Anyway, we’re in class and the instructor’s telling us all the crazy moves we’re supposed to be doing. And it’s a really fast and difficult succession of poses. Every so often the teacher has us all breathe out – “give me an A-H” AAAaaahhh!

Then I hear this faint sound across the room. It sounds like a wail.

We do some more poses and then the teacher tells us “breathe out H-M” and the class goes “Hmmmm”. And then I hear it, louder this time, a guy who sounds like he’s across the room having an operation without anesthesia: “YARRRRWWW!!”

Each time we all breathe out, he adds his animal caught-in-a-trap moan to our chorus. That poor, poor bastard!

Of course, now it’s the end of class, and I’m practically on my back making the same sound too. I’m having my butt kicked! I’m glad I’m not the only one suffering for health!

Well, I’m off to Philly for July 4th weekend to check out the Murals they have down there!

Have a wonderful Independence Day!


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