8-6-15 A Wonderful Tour of MuralArts.Org in Philadelphia!

Gabriel in front of a mural in Ile Ife Park. Thanks to Kaye Tengco for snapping it!
Gabriel in front of a mural in Ile Ife Park. Thanks to Kaye Tengco for snapping it!


When my friend Brian invited me down to see huge murals in the City of Philadelphia, I immediately said “yes”!

MuralArts.org – An incredible city arts organization

I finally got the chance over July 4th weekend! Brian graciously drove my girlfriend and I all around the city to take photos of some of the amazing murals that have been organized over the years by the not-for-profit MuralArts.org.

As we drove, Brian spoke to us about MuralArts. It was a program originally set up by the City of Philadelphia back in 1984 to help with the graffiti problem. What has resulted is a vibrant program with 3,000 murals to it’s name and different progressive community arts programs. It’s really exciting to see the diverse work of so many talented artists (some of whom are street artists!).

My favorite part of our tour was visiting Ile Ife Park – what an amazing place. An oasis in one of the hungriest counties in the US. It was like coming upon works by Guadi I had never seen! One of the mosaics we found in the park is above. Thanks to Kaye for snapping it!

The next time you are in Philly, I highly recommend viewing some of these incredible murals. You can find them all around the city!

See my photos from that beautiful day below and thanks again to Brian for the incredible tour! And to Billy for putting us up!

Rock on!


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