8-21-15 My New Olympia Portable Typewriter!

Typing test with my new Olympia portable typewriter!
Typing test with my new Olympia portable typewriter!
The Olympia portable typewriter.
My new Olympia portable typewriter.

I mentioned I got my hands on a typewriter? Well, here it is! I bought it from one of my new favorite stores: Home and Homme! Check out their Etsy page, they’ve got some amazing vintage, fair trade and antique items I think you’ll like.

The Olympia Portable Typewriter

You can see my typing test (complete with mistakes) with my Olympia at the top of the post. It appears to have an Elite type font.  As for the actual typing experience, it’s more mechanical feeling than some of the heavier, smoother typing typewriters I’ve tried. But that is more than made up for by being PORTABLE!! I mean, it’s actually light enough to bring on trips its carrying case. I’m not sure of the exact weight, but I put it in a shoulder bag and carried it up to Harlem from Brooklyn!

I’m using it to type captions for photos in my upcoming zine and I even used it to type an address on an envelope. Talk about old-fashioned. I love having my own typewriter. It makes me want to sit down and type something.


The Olympia portable typewriter with carrying case.
The Olympia portable typewriter with its carrying case.

Type On!


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