9-28-15 The Black Ryder opens for The Jesus and Mary Chain at Terminal 5 on 9-24-15

The Black Ryder open for The Jesus and Mary Chain at Terminal 5 on 9-24-15
The Black Ryder open for The Jesus and Mary Chain at Terminal 5 on 9-24-15

Thanks to Big Hassle PR I got to see The Black Ryder open for The Jesus and Mary Chain’s 30th Anniversary of Psycho Candy tour at Terminal 5 on 9-24-15!

The Black Ryder opens the show!

Intense and ominous. Pumping and ambient.

If you like Primal Scream, Ride and My Bloody Valentine, give a listen here. The Black Ryder’s music is definitely shoegaze. Their faces were backlit thoughout the show lending a mysterious vibe to their performance. They already have two albums out and I’m interested to hear their next.

During their set, I could really tell they were feeling the music and that was really cool! I think you can see that in some of my photos from the show:

The Jesus and Mary Chain

When The Jesus and Mary Chain came onstage, vocalist Jim Reid formally explained they would play a short set of songs from other albums first, take a quick break, and then return to play the entirety of their landmark 1985 album Psycho Candy!

Then they blasted their music, and it was loud, guitar-driven and noisey! It was cool being in the photo pit during their first three songs and then I had to go into the general audience. Let me tell you, there was no place to see them, the place was so packed; I went up three levels with no luck! I haven’t experienced that at Terminal 5 before.

For their famous song “Just Like Honey”, Aimee Nash of The Black Ryder came out and sang with Jim Reid. That was cool.

I was glad I was there to hear them play through the entirety of Psycho Candy, the music of which, influenced numerous bands since it dropped in 1985. I even thought I could hear glimmers of The Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana and Sonic Youth!

At the end of both sets, guitarist William Reid put his electric guitar down without shutting it off so live feedback kept coming out after he walked off with the band! I’ve never seen anyone do that before, and it was cool! It left the audience confused, especially at the end of the show, because nobody could clap for an encore – the guitar feedback was too loud!

Check out my photos from the show below:

Rock on!!

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