10-23-15 Ready Player One rocks! Video Game Emulation?

Ready Player One Book Cover
Ready Player One Book Cover

I just finished Ernest Cline’s awesome book Ready Player One. What a great read! I was addicted: I liked the main character, it’s set in the future, has tons of action and many layers. I was really bummed out when it was over.

If, like me, you really dig 80’s pop culture, video games and movies, you will probably love this book. It going to be released as a movie in 2017, but I can’t believe the movie will be better than this book. I think it’s now on my favorite books list.

I don’t want to spoil anything, so grab a copy and see what you think.

Video Game Emulation

Mr. Cline’s book not only inspired me to write a short story of my own, it also reminded me of how much I love video games!

I started thinking about video games, and then remembered video game emulators and thought I’d do some research.

Here’s an awesome site for video game emulators.

Long live video games, and great books!

Have an awesome weekend (I’ll be moving!),

PS I wrote about this book because I really enjoyed reading it! If you do decide to purchase it with either link above, I’ll receive a small percentage from Amazon.

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