11-2-15 Halloween, my move finished, and I’m diving into Science Fiction!

Gabriel and friend on Halloween at Brighton Asylum.
Gabriel and a new friend on Halloween at Brighton Asylum. Photo courtesy of my girlfriend.

I hope you had a great Halloween! I met a new friend at the Brighton Asylum on Halloween (thanks for taking this cool photo Kaye!).

Thank you all for being patient while I completed my move – I’m relieved to say, I’m FINALLY finished!

Writing Science Fiction

After I recently reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, I got super-inspired. I began to remember how much I loved playing video games, and began to think up an idea for a science fiction story.

And I’m excited to say that I took the first leap and began writing it on the F train one night last week!

Reading science fiction and playing video games has really started inspiring me and seems like a wonderful way to inspire science fiction ideas.

I’ve also begun reading a book about short story writing by Ray Bradbury. It’s called Zen In The Art of Writing:


Rock on and see you Friday for another post!

Have a great week!

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