11-23-15 Smartwatch Musings – won’t be buying one… yet.

Hey Readers,

Like many of you, I’ve taken an interest in smartwatches lately, although I won’t be buying one yet (they’re too pricey and don’t do enough).

Further Thoughts on Smartwatches

I have to admit my main interest in getting a smartwatch would be for the digital watch faces, as it would obviate the need to buy any other watches out there! Who needs a Rolex, when you can have a digital version of one, sitting on your wrist?

Having spoken with several owners of Apple’s iWatch and another fellow sporting a Samsung Galaxy Gear watch, all people agreed that they don’t do enough yet! Both watches give you tons of notifications, you can check the weather and receive/send text messages. I think you can also send emails and maybe make voice calls. And you can track exercise stuff.

But you can do all that with your phone. So I guess these watches it’s mostly just for the fun of it, for now.

In my opinion, the best-looking smartwatch is The Motorola Moto 360 2nd Gen Smartwatch. Here are the awesome swappable watch faces.

Also, check out these two entertaining (and honest) videos about the Apple’s iWatch:

From the Verge:

From The Wall Street Journal:

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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