2-22-16 Black Monday!

I recently got word from my bud over at Big Hassle Media that the band Drinking Flowers released a new single: “Black Monday”. I thought it was perfect to post on a Monday morning for all of us 9-5 “wage slaves” just starting our work weeks. Coincidentally, I just finished reading Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Lots of food for thought in the book, and one major theme certainly runs parallel to this song.

Here’s the thought process behind the track:

“‘Black Monday’ popped into my head, and it seemed to be the perfect two words to capture my feelings at the time. I was depressed, completely uninspired from my day job, and felt trapped. I wanted to make a really dumb and simple pop song with a lot of repetition and only a couple variations floating around. It’s sort of a metaphor for the constant flow of uncreative non-liberating work most of us find ourselves doing.” – Drinking Flowers guitarist Alex Galindo

Well said, Alex!

Have a rocking week people!

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