2-29-16 Adieu February! Bonjour March!

Hey Gang,

I’m happy to bid farewell to February, what a difficult month. With March beginning tomorrow, I’m relieved. By the way, if you like the track above, Jalapeno Records (their record label) has some free downloads on soundcloud.

As I mentioned back in December, I’ve been trying to write an hour a day. I think I’ve been hitting that goal every three days, so still trying to work on that. I’m happy to report that my second short sci-fi story is coming along. I’d estimate I’m about halfway through the rough draft.

I am also reading more, which is very inspiring. There’s so much to learn; Ideas and concepts that we just don’t have access to otherwise. Popular mainstream entertainment and media in America has nothing on books. It’s quite surprising when you start thinking about it!

I’ll leave you with another funk track to check out:

Have a great week!

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Posted February 29, 2016 by Gabriel in category "Music Picks", "Writing