5-16-16 Shot yesterday, chilling today on Instagram

Hey, I hope you had a great weekend! I was busy as DP (director of photography or cinematographer) on a comedy project yesterday. We shot at several locations, including the main stage at The Pit! That was cool! I’ll post more about the project next week, as we’re finishing with a two day shoot this coming weekend.

Today, I’m chilling on Instagram! Tune back on Friday for more new music! Have a great week!

5-13-16 Casual Friday – More Music!!

Hey Readers! We made it to Friday… the 13th! Awesome! I’m getting ready to start as Director of Photography (DP) for a comedy sizzle over the next couple weekends and I need some good positive tunes to keep me going! How about you? We have the funky Kraak & Smaak, Texan punky rock group Purple (two of their excellently fun music videos below), the Downers, Allie X, and psychedelia from Beyond The Wizards Sleeve. Have a great weekend!

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