6-6-16 A cheaper way to photograph with black and white film?

Kodak TriX Hand Developed Cafe Grumpy at Grand Central 2015

Hello readers! I hope your respective weekends were great! I’ve been thinking a lot about shooting black and white 35mm film and developing it myself. Then scanning the negatives.

I could process my own 35mm b&w film

Luckily, a roll of B&W 35mm film from B&H still sells for around five dollars. But, the next part is KEY. A company called New55 now sells an all-in-one developer called R5 Monobath Developer for $24.95. Strangely, most people haven’t heard about it. But what seems so great about this monobath stuff is that it means you only have to bath your raw film in ONE solution, instead of the usual THREE solutions. Believe me, that’s an amazing thing – developing b&w film usually requires a lot more effort. Once that’s done, I can scan the negatives!

Stay tuned for a test run, once I order some of that R5 monobath. I’ll let you know what I think.

Hope you have a great week and check back on Friday for more music!

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