7-25-16 Still getting used to my FujiFilm x100 Camera

Hey everyone! I hope you all had wonderful weekends. I’m still getting used to using my used FujiFilm x100 camera. I’ve already posted several test photos to my Instagram, but thought I’d share them both here so you can see several examples. I’ll post again with more impressions of the camera once I’ve used it more. For now, I’m experimenting with trying to get a TriX “look” out of the camera. Have a great week!

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7-8-16 Jim McKenzie, Rising Fine Artist and Filmmaker!

Fine Artist Jim McKenzie on 7-3-16

Recently, I had the chance to meet director, sculptor and fine artist Jim Mckenzie in SoHo. We first got in touch on Instagram about a year ago when I saw photos of his bright, colorful, fanciful art with it’s touch of melancholy. When we met in person, I immediately noticed his eyes. They were full of mirth and energy. I’d even say he has, “laughing eyes”.

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