9-16-16 Amber Arcades kick off their US Tour in concert with Katie Von Schleicher and Frame at Shea Stadium!

Annelotte De Graaf of Amber Arcades backstage at Shea Stadium, 9-14-16

Two nights ago, I got to cover a great evening of female-fronted bands by PopGun Presents, at Brooklyn’s Shea Stadium!

First up, Katie Von Schleicher sang with heartfelt vocals, a talented guitarist and a cool Mellotron.

Frame, outside Shea Stadium, Brooklyn, 9-14-16

Next, the band Frame rocked onto stage with energetic bass, drums and melody. If you like The Police/Aimee Mann/The Pretenders, you will dig their sound and syncopated rhythm. I was really impressed to see lead singer Caitlin Frame rocking a bass guitar, full-on! Her candor was a also amusing, like when she told the audience, “These are pop songs – there’s really no other way to describe them.” They are based in Brooklyn, check them out!

Last up, Dutch group Amber Arcades kicked off the US leg of their tour! Lead singer and guitarist Annelotte de Graaf (pictured at the top of this post) charmed the audience, speaking about how very excited the band was to play their first New York City show. She also acknowledged they had a very real new york experience: being stuck in traffic for 5 hours trying to go to the beach. Some highlights of their set included Annelotte’s dreamy vocals (she actually sounds the same live as recorded!), her lead guitarist’s slide and liquid guitar work, and her keyboardist, who played two keyboards at once, while singing backup vocals! If you like shoegaze, check them out! They are opening for Nada Surf in the US through October, then head back to Europe through November.

A very special thanks to Sally and Andi for the opportunity to photograph the artists backstage!

Rock on!

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