1-20-17 The “Inauguration”

The Trump "Inaugeration"Some Inauguration humor posted to Twitter by @yurionlove. Special thanks to my friend Zeke for spotting it yesterday on Twitter.

I’m so upset about Trump’s “inauguration”. I can’t write it all down here. So I’m purposely staying away from TV coverage of the “inauguration” as my form of protest.

Stay strong Everyone!

1-17-17 The Beastie Boys’ Grand Royal Magazine!

Hey Readers! I hope everyone had a great Martin Luther King Jr. Day. And if you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend the movie Hidden Figures, it’s fantastic!

In other news, I finally found the first two issues of Grand Royal Magazine. It’s posted over on the intriguing Darwination Scans Blog. If you haven’t heard about it, this rare magazine was put out in the 90’s by The Beastie Boys. Check it out!

Rock and Roll!

1-13-17 Upcoming Game of Thrones US Concert Tour

I just heard about the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience from my buddy over at BBGun Press. It’s kicking off February 20th, 2017 and it looks pretty wild (see the promo video above). What I like about it most, besides being a GOT fan, is that it employs live musicians and will feature the show composer Ramin Djawadi (who also composed for the movie Pacific Rim and HBO’s recent WestWorld)!

Have a rocking weekend!

1-6-17 Thanks for all the support and working on my nyc street photo zine!

Working on my nyc photo Zine
Dear readers,

Thanks so much for all your support – I’ve seen so many subscriptions roll in the last couple weeks and I really appreciate it. For those of you just finding my blog for the first time, you can subscribe using wordpress or explore the sharing options which appear below each of my posts. Needless to say, I just really appreciate your attention as Google search continues to list my blog very favorably!

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1-1-17 Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Today is the first day of an entirely new year. A real chance to try out new activities or refocus on older ideas that need more work or completion.

To that effect, I’m revisiting a photography zine I was working on back in 2015! And my short story writing will continue!

I wish all of you a bountiful new year full of peace, love and happiness!

Happy 2017!