1-6-17 Thanks for all the support and working on my nyc street photo zine!

Working on my nyc photo Zine
Dear readers,

Thanks so much for all your support – I’ve seen so many subscriptions roll in the last couple weeks and I really appreciate it. For those of you just finding my blog for the first time, you can subscribe using wordpress or explore the sharing options which appear below each of my posts. Needless to say, I just really appreciate your attention as Google search continues to list my blog very favorably!

Working my nyc street photography Zine

As I mentioned last post, I’ve been working on finalizing my street photography zine (the iphone shot above). Right now, I’m figuring out the text and tweaking the last couple photos I’ll include and where they all get placed. I’ve also been searching online for zines to refer to as per my zine obsession.

In the photo above, my test photocopy is on the left and my “master” version is on the right. I’m leaning toward the cover on the right, as I think it’s more colorful and attention grabbing. Although I do use humorous shots inside, so maybe the left hand photo is the way to go. What do you think?

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and thanks again for reading my blog,

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