2-8-17 Trump is Fascistic

As many of you know, I strongly disagree with President Trump, his policies and his administration. I believe they are each laced with the worst America has to offer: bigotry, misogyny, and the use of wealth and power to intimidate.

One of the biggest problems right now, however, is that nobody seems willing to call his style of leadership for what it is: fascistic.

From what I can see Trump wants to build a regime which is immune to the checks and balances of power which hold our country together.

Trump and his administration seem to be testing what they can get away with. The Muslim travel ban, nominating inappropriate folks into positions of power and firing or muzzling any dissent (firing Sally Yates his Attorney General, banning CNN).

My hope is that everyone recognizes what Trump and his administration is up to and begin to really push back.

Resist, resist, resist!


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Posted February 8, 2017 by Gabriel in category "Uncategorized