2-17-17 Stephen King’s Skeleton Crew and my writing

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Some thoughts on Skeleton Crew by Stephen King

Two weeks ago, I finished Stephen King’s epic short story anthology “Skeleton Crew”. While I found the book uneven at times (some of the story endings were not as good as the stories themselves), I really enjoyed his descriptions of New England (where I’m from). His descriptive powers are awesome, especially when it comes to describing nature. I also enjoyed the atmosphere King builds through almost over-describing everything. Often he’ll drift off topic, which can be frustrating, but maybe that’s what makes his stories stand out. It felt as if he was speaking to me in person!

The stories I liked best where The Mist, The Raft, Mrs. Todd’s Shortcut, Beachworld, Nona, Gramma and The Reach. So, if you read Skeleton Crew, keep an eye out for them!

My Writing

I admit I have not been writing as regularly as I would like. Stephen King advocates writing 1,000 words per day! However, I did start writing a new horror story. It’s about a single guy living in Harlem who has rats in his walls.

I admit I’ve had writer’s block – unfairly comparing myself to master writers like King and Gaiman. And I can’t seem to find a good time to write. So that’s been frustrating. My idea to wake up early hasn’t worked either!

But I was able to break the ice. I’ve been writing in a small spiral-bound notebook at random times, instead of my usual laptop. That seems to help.

Have a wonderful Presidents Day Weekend!



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